Living Networks

08 Sep

Nowadays, networks play an important role in our life. “Networks are the language of  our times” (Helen McCarthy, Paul MillerandPaul Skidmore. Introduction, network logic). So it is very useful for us to know and understand how the networks work and why do we need them. Networks are everywhere. You can see it in nature, in business, in social life and etc. We can see network in metabolism that is a vital process for all organisms. Metabolism is a network of chemical reactions. It is divided in to two processes that is anabolism and catabolism. Catabolism produces energy and anabolism uses this energy to build cell’s compononents. If metabolism stops, the life of an organism will end too.  So where is a life, there is a network too.

We can see networks in our social life too. Everyday we communicate with our friends, colleagues, relatives, teachers and etc. We build networks between us and other people.  We cooperate in groups by interests, beliefs, views, hobbies, politics and so on. Moreover, nowadays new information technologies give us an opportunity to build new types of networks through the internet  via e-mails, social networks like facebook, vkontakte, myspace…and so on. Through this social websites we build online communities. You can find there new friends or people whom you’ve not seen for a long time. You can contact with people who are on another continent and learn more about another culture. We can build networks all over the world!

Another important aspect is that good understanding of networks can help us to explain many things like “distribution of wealth in monetary economy” or even “distribution of molecules in cellular system.” In my opinion, you can apply knowledge about network in your daily life. You need it to build good relationships with your friends, to create professional aliances, to do your own business. and etc.

To my mind, understanding networks is very important, because networks began to have a big impact on our life.

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