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My first steps in setting up and using my virtual beat

Hello, Dear Reader!

My knowledge about new information technologies are increasing day by day that is very useful nowadays. If I haven’t taken this course, I think I would never create my own blog and never knew what opportunities it can give to the user. So, I am really happy that I have chosen this subject among others.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come to our last class and when I read our assignment I was a little bit shocked because I have never heard about RSS feeds, virtual beats and didn’t know what is it…but I have to do my homework. So thanks to the Google and to my friend who has helped me with RSS  😉

Really Simple Syndication is very useful when you need to know all news about  your interests.

One of my interests is movies. I like to watch movies with a deep meaning. I like movies that tends you to know something new. Ihave subscried to where I found lot of interesting information.  This day is the last day of summer and byRob Vaux the best movie that tends you to feel nostalgis about summer days is “West Side Story”

West Side Story

“The perfect love is born, thrives briefly, and dies a swift and brutal death, all during a few scorching months on the streets of New York. The film takes its cues from Romeo and Juliet, but its couple (Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood) is far less fickle than Shakespeare’s famous teenyboppers. We know they’re doomed, even as we root with all our hearts and souls for them to find happiness”

Another my interest is music. I like all types of music and I like singers with strong and good voices.

This summer I began interested in yoga. Ithink it is very useful for all people. Yoga is appropriate for people with different ages.  So what is a yoga?

“What is yoga is the question which must be satisfactorily explored by anybody keen on yoga. Yoga is an ancient system for health of mind and body developed over the centuries by the Sages of India. It acts as a means of self purification to achieve oneness with supreme creator. Fortunately, this technique in its simplified form can be easily incorporated into our busy schedules to benefit mind and body. The goal of yoga is to calm the mind so that our soul expresses itself.

Yoga is not a religion, but an aid to practice of basic spiritual truths in all religions.”

Feed search helps to find lot of useful and interesting information! 😉

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First step to the World Wide Web

Good day, everyone who reads my new post;-)

I am really happy that we live in a time when everyone can communicate with each other through the internet despite the distance between them. The Internet gives us lot of advantages. We can send letters, we can find data almost about everything, we can create blogs and so on… I think everyone can find his or her own internet’s advantages.

I can’t remember the first day when I started to use the internet. It was at school when I was about 15 years old. I created my own mail, registered on a “Hi5″social site and started to use searching engines like google, yandex and yahoo. I didn’t spend as much time in the internet as I spend now. Also the speed at this time wasn’t very fast. Nowadays, I use the internet every day. There are very many things to do there and I can’t imagine my life without the internet now.

I hope that all people in the world will have access to the internet very, very soon;-)


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First step to the WordPress World

Hello, My Dear Reader! This is my first post here.  My name is Kamilla. I am from Kazakhstan which is located in Central Asia. This fall I have taken a very interesting subject at my university that is New Information Technologies and  I have created an account here because of this subject. Hope You will enjoy all of my posts on 😉


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