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12 Sep

Good day  everyone who is reading my post! Today I am going to write about networks that are an important part of our life. They surround us. They  influence our life. We built our own networks, join other networks and leave another networks. Even here on we have built our own network of New Information Technologies’s students and became a part of wordpress’s network. It is not very difficult to become a part of this network and it is very easy to use it. The structure of is understandable and can be used by every person in the world. It has a support centre that structures everything here and always can help you to fix the problems. However, sometimes it can be confusing even with the obvious centre that structures all the activities here. Last week I had problems with my account and hadn’t access to it because there was a message that I have broken some of the terms here. I was really confused because I didn’t do here something that should be restricted. I was really worried about this and I have asked wordpress’s support centre to fix this problem. After one day I received an answer that it was a mistake and they activated my account 😉 So, I want again thank you people who are working in support centre and coordinate all the activities here 😉

What is more, I am going to tell you about the network I am part of. This year, I began to attend yoga classes. There I have met lof of people with different interests, different occupations, different ages but yoga is something that brings us together. Networks like this are “self-organise, morphing and changing as they react to interference or breakdown.” (McCarthy et al, 2004: 11) For instance, our teacher this month has left to India, however this network remains to exist even without him. Now, we have another teacher and continue to attend these classes. What I also like is that we have journeys to the nature with people who are also attending our fitness club.  So we expand our network by communicating not only with people who are doing yoga, but who are dancing, doing aerobics and so on.

To my mind, everywhere where is more than one person, there is an existence of a network also. People build lot of networks. Moreover, nowadays, we have an opportunity to build networks even with the people who are living far from us. New Information Technologies give us lof of advangates to keep in touch with people who are abroad, to find new friends. One person can be a member of several networks. Networks are part of our life. They “are all around us. We rely on them. We are threatened by them. We are part of them.” (McCarthy et al, 2004: 11)

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