Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

08 Mar

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the famous composers around the world. He had very short life but despite this fact he wrote many compositions in different genres. His symphonies, sonatas, concerts and etc. have big influence on listeners. When I listen to his compositions I have an impression of something bright! His compositions are full of love to life and to people. Mozart was really gifted from his childhood. His memory and absolute pitch amazed everyone! Shahtner, who was a friend of Mozart’s family, told people some facts about Mozart’s childhood. One day he came to their house. Mozart was sitting at the table. He was writing something in his music notebook. When his father asked him what he was doing, he told him that he was writing a concert for harpsichord. Firstly, Shahtner and his father thought that this was only prank. But when they looked attentively at Mozart’s music notebook, they understood that everything was written right. So when he was only 4 years old he wrote concert for harpsichord. Also Shahtner told that Mozart really loved violin because of her soft and brilliant sound. He told that Mozart had startling ear!

A.S.Pushkin wrote in his tragedy “Mozart and Salieri” words that very well characterized Mozart’s music. He wrote that his music was very deep! Pushkin also regarded him as genius. What’s more, P.I.Tchaikovsky in one of his diaries wrote that Mozart was the only composer whose music made him cry. He also wrote that he loved everything in Mozart. A.G.Rubinstein in his book “Music and its representatives” wrote that Mozart was sunlight in music. I completely agree with them because Mozart really was very gifted and talented person.

In conclusion, I want to say that I really admire his talent! His music is immortal and unfading! Mozart will live forever in people’s hearts!

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