“The Fountain” by Darren Aronofsky

28 Feb

Therefore, the Lord God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword to protect the tree of life

Genesis 3:24

Y sí, creo (Span. “Yes, I belive”)

“The Fountain” is a great  movie that was directed by the genius Darren Aronofsky. The first his movie that I have seen was “Requiem for a dream”. I was really impressed by it and by music which was composed by Clint Mansell. They have a very strong duet, the music adds an indescribable impression and gives the creeps to the viewer. Clint Mansell’s music made the atmosphere in “The Fountain” mysterious and enigmatic. I was really impressed by this movie.

“The Fountain” is a philosophical movie about love and meaning of the life. Mr. Aronofsky very adroitly integrates three different epochs in one plot line. The first one takes place in Spain in times of  inqusition. The second one happens in the space in non-existent world and the third one is our days life. Tom Creo and his wife Izzi Creo are main heroes in all three plots. In real life he is a scientist who is trying to find a way to save his wife from tumor using samples of the tree from America, in Spain he is a conquistador who tries to save Spain and Queen from the inqusition with the help of the tree of life and in the space he is a traveler who flies to Xibalba to become free through the death. In my opinion, times of inqusition is an internal world of Izzi, where inquisition is a tumor that seize the Spain and Queen and day by day more and more land of Spain is captured by inquisitor. The world in Space an internal world of Tomas that is full of memories with Izzi. Tree of life is dying there and it is an interpreation of his wife because she was a meaning of life to him.

I think that every person will find his own meaning in that movie. What I have learned from this movie is that time is very valuable and it is impossible to return it and days when you was happy.  Darren Aronofsky several times repeat the same scene when Izzi asks Tomas for a walk but he refuses her offer and in the end he understands that he will never walk with her again. We should value every minute of our life and remember that it goes only ahead to the future.

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