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08 Nov

Recently I have read an artice “What’s old can new again – assisted be digital media” by Steve Buttry that you can read on I also have read another one very interesting article that is “An explosion promts rethinking of twitter and facebook” by Courtney Lowery which you can see on

Firstly, I want to discuss the first one article where Steve Buttry remembers the times when he worked for the newspaper that was really similar to the twitter because mostly it has contained information about what people were doing. Actually, I have never known that newspapers could post such information in their news. I think that nowadays journalists don’t write such articles. Maybe, Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter, got an idea to create such site after reading such newspapers. You can read article about him in the Los Angeles Times following that link I think that every business should always make innovations or it will lose the market. In 1990’s most reporters didn’t think about creating their mails, newspapers didn’t think about using internet to post their articles there. However, nowadays almost every newspaper has its own site. Christopher Freeman,famous economist and professor of Science Policy, stated that “not to innovate is to die.”  I think that many newspapers who didn’t start to use the internet and media in their business didn’t survive and nobody remembers it now. I really like that Steve Buttry doesn’t stand at one point and always go ahead. I like his ideas. He doesn’t live with the past, he looks for the future. I also like his blog here

Courtney Lowery states in her article that social media tools give lot of opportunities to the journalists. For instance, Twitter can be a good source of news. Moreover, social media gives possibility to have a conversation with the readers. Journalists can receive a feedback from their readers. Furthermore, there are millions of people using social sites and the amount of them is growing day by day!

In my opinion, social media is the future of journalism. All journalists should serve the internet for the data about how using social sites for their career. Everyone should innovate. Innovation is the key of success!


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2 responses to “Nieman Reports…

  1. Steve Buttry

    November 9, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Thanks for those kind words, Camomile. I’m flattered that you found my blog helpful.

    • camomile26

      November 9, 2010 at 1:29 am

      Thank you for you, Steve, for providing people with so interesting and useful information! 😉

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