Journalism’s Place in Social Media: Blogs, Tweets, Social Media and News Business

03 Nov

Nowadays, news spread very quickly throughout the world. There is no borders to it. You can know what has happened hundred thousands miles from in just one minute. Internet and Telecommunication give lot of opportunities to spread news. You can know news from social sites, blogs, tweets and etc. Moreover, people don’t pay attention who is the provider of the news. In the past, only journalists provided people with the news in the newspapers, on TV.

In my opinion, journalists sometimes don’t tell people the truth because of corruption. Some people don’t want to show people the truth and they pay money for that. Moreover, journalists very often try to provide audience with the information that can cause the sensation and write sometimes very enormous news just to attract people. Mostly, I try not to believe to every news I hear.   Journalists has lost their credibility. In Nieman report I read that the job of the journalist is “to keep an eye on the public interest.” I think that all journalists should keep an integrity and be ethical to other people. Journalist should remain a person with the real heart and sympathy to other people. Sometimes, they don’t think about feelings of other people and write lot of awful information about them.

However, I think that to be a journalist is a very hard work especially nowadays with the technological development.  Robert Picard in his article “Blogs, Tweets, Social Media, and the News Business” discusses which types of new technologies has the most positive outcome for the journalism. For instance, social tools like e-book reader, podcasts can bring news organization more money than social tools like PDA news reports because they have more involvement with the extended contact. However, relationships with the audience can be improved by using social tools with personal interaction such as blogs and discussion boards.

In my opinion, social tools create benefits not only for simple users but also for journalists.  As Robert Picard states social media gives opportunity to the users to express their feelings, opinions. They can also find people with similar interests and connect with them. Moreover, they don’t need to have a special education to write articles. Also it’s not so difficult to become a member of a blog, social network, discussion board and etc. Moving to the journalists, I want to mention that they can find lot of useful information there. Also they can get new ideas… I think that for all people using social tools can be very beneficial.

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