Your Friendship Networks (Chapter 10)

19 Oct

Nowadays, every person builds his own friendship networks.  But how he or she builds it? Why only special types of people are included there? How he or she chooses friends? What is the purpose of building friendship networks? People very rarely ask themselves these questions, they build networks without thinking whether they really need it or not. Our government has a big influence on our social connections, it brings people together, changes our social networks…

There are four types of networks that are isolate, individualistic, enclaved and hierarchical. Isolate and hierachical networks depicts more bilateral ties, while other two types of networks belong to the multilateral ties.

The government tries to influence our networks by making special trainings for unemployed people. It creates lot of community development programs. So people with the same interests or problems are shaped into one network. It is not clear whether it is good or bad that government has impact on our social life but I think that it in some points it’s good and in other  points not. In my opinion, people should decide by themselves how to build their social networks.

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