Is it a good idea to use Facebook for PR?

17 Oct

Nowadays, there are so many opportunities to conduct the business. You can open your own business even without inventory, property, plant and equipment. You just need computer and the internet. There are so many online shops, magazines and etc. So internet is the most popular tool people use in their business. However, some people use internet only for communication or to express their opinion, to share their life experience with other people. They use websites and programs like Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, ISQ, Skype and etc. However, some people find the way to use these sites and tools in business purposes. For example, journalists can use these sites as a source for their articles, advertisers use it to promote products and etc. But I want to concentrate on Facebook and PR in this post.

Firstly, what is PR? Public relations is a field that helps to build a good public image for business, different type of organizations, politicians, celebrities and etc. It helps to improve good relations with the target audience. PR build goodwill for the company that is very important and useful for all organisations. Bad reputation can destroy the whole company and it’s very difficult to rebuild good image. So PR is a very useful field for all companies, different type of organizations, politicians and etc. Tools that are used in PR include media relations, newsletters, special events…

Secondly, what is Facebook? I think that nowadays almost every person is familiar with the Facebook that is a social network where people can create their accounts, communicate with other people, join groups by interests…Media survey that was made in 2010 by Barbara Rozgonyi showed that 49% PR specialists use Facebook to target journalists. Moreover, this research showed that 79% of journalists have their own profile on Facebook. More information about this survey you can find if you follow this link

How you can use Facebook for PR? Well, you can find there PR friends and discuss with them your ideas, new trends and etc.  Moreover, you can promote your organisation there by creating a group about your company and invite people to join it. Facebook helps to build credibility. People all over the world can join your group or become your friend there. For instance, Coca-cola has created its fan page there ( There are 14 478 307 people who follow this page that is a really huge number. But if you still have doubts whether to use Facebook for PR or not just visit

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