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11 Oct

Yesterday, I was in the cinema watching “Legends of the Guardians”. That was a really interesting and exciting cartoon. I advice you to watch it when you have free time. While I was sitting in the cinema I remembered that our Professor for NITs course gave us an assignment to write a blog with the analysis of the site we want to discuss. However, I didn’t have an idea what site to choose. So in the cinema I had an idea to choose Kazakhstani site with the schedule of all films in the cinemas. I think that many people use this site when they want to go to the cinema. I remember old times when we didn’t have an internet and we always called to the cinema to know the schedule. It was very inconvinient because sometimes nobody answered you, sometimes the phone was busy. It was very time consuming. However, nowadays you can just visit one site and see the schedule of all cinemas in Kazakhshtan. I think that there is only one site to do that and the address of this site is 😉

This site gives an opportunity to the visitors to participate by posting comments about movies and voting for the movies. It’s very easy for the audience to participate on that site. You just need to enter your name, mail and comment to leave an opinion on  Ranking is posted immediately. However, the moderators of this site has restricted policy on the comments because of the increasing irrelevant, ignorant and illiterate comments. So now if you want to be your comment on this site you need to follow their rules which you can read there. Moreover, this site need a low level of participation because you can leave your comment only once there and you don’t need to registrar.  However, when you put your comments regularly you can build a reputation and can be well-recognized by other users. The site falls into open exclusive  category of openness. The main information is put there by the owners of the site and audience adds additional information through the comments. Moreover, this site has its own forum where you can discuss topics concerning movies, cinemas.

I like this site. There you can find schedule of movies, description of films, prices of tickets. But the most valuable information is comments of the audience. It’s very useful because sometimes synopsis of the movie can be very interesting however when you watch it you become disappointed of the film. So after reading comments you can make more accurate decision whether to go the movie or not.  In conclusion, audience participation can make site more popular and useful for the users.

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