05 Oct

Today we have visited the web-site It is very similar to but it is much more professional than our blogs. There you can know all the news about Central Asia. Moreover, you can participate there by posting comments on the articles you read. It is not difficult to do that, you don’t need to registrar there, you just need to write your name, your mail and of course you comment. Moreover, they are searching for bloggers so you can become a bigger part of their site than just a simple reader. What is more, there you can find contacts of all people working at this site, so if you want you can contact any of them. Also I like that they have a “share” button that gives you an opportunity to share articles with you friends and other people. It’s very convinient when you find an interesting article and want to share it with you friends.  You just need to click on this button and choose site where you want to share it. For instance, it may be Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and etc.  Furthermore, you can see the partners of neweurasia site and see the resources where the information is taken. I think that people who have worked on this site have done a really good work!

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