The price of participation

04 Oct

Abraham Maslow is one of the world famous psychologists. He has written lot ofbooks and articles about psychology.  The most famous are “Toward a Psychology of Being” andThe Further Reaches of Human Nature” . However, his most popular work  is theory about hierarchy of needs. I learned this theory when I studied at school and I have studied it again at my university on different subjects such as economy, marketing, management and etc. And I was really surprised when I see this pyramid of needs on my New Information Technologies class. Amy Jo Kim uses Maslow’s pyramid in her book “Community Building on the Web” to explain what online community participants need and want. So let’s discuss it in more details concerning the online communities.

The first need is a physiological need that means that you need to have an access to the system. Second one is security and safety that means that you should have protection of your information from hackers and viruses. Moreover, some information is confidential, so you need the confidence that this information is private. The third one is a social need. You have a neccesity to feel yourself as a part of society and community. The next level of the pyramid is a vself-esteem that is “the ability to contribute to the community, and be recognized for those contributions” (Amy Jo Kim, Community Building in the Web, Peachpit, 2000). And the last one is self-actualization that is the opportunity to improve your skills, to improve yourself. Of course, when you want to satisfy all of these needs and become a part of community, you should follow the rules of participation.

For example, I am a part of social community on Facebook. If I want to be part of it, I should follow the rules of participation at this site. I should provide my real name and should give all true information about myself. Moreover, I can’t create account for another person or create more than one account for myself. Also it is prohibited to use Facebook by people who are under 13. There are lot of rules that people should follow to be a part of the community, if they want to remain as a part of it. If I don’t follow the rules on Facebook, they will just kick me out from their site and block my account there.

We should follow the rules of participation everywhere, in university, in shop, at home, at work…Even here on we should follow their rules to be part of it. You should know what is right and what is wrong. By following the rules, we can build a good reputation and goodwill.

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