Connections are everywhere!

28 Sep

Today we had an interesting  assignment in our class of New Information Technologies. I liked this activity. Actually, I am studying accounting at KIMEP and we don’t have such assignments on my program. Mostly we solve problems, work in groups,  but we don’t discover whether we have something in common or not with each other. However, there is no need to discover it, because when you study on the same program, you always must have something that is common to everyone. We share same ideas, same plans for the future and very often after graduation we work at the same places 😉

But today it was a little bit difficult to find something common with people who study absolutely different things than we do on Bsc. We don’t take same courses at  Kimep except New Information Technologies and I think we will never have the same subjects at the university in the future. So I am really happy that this semester I have an opportunity to take a subject that is so different from mine courses on Bsc. I am also happy that I have known so many nice people here who are very talented and creative. What is more, I have known lot of new things here! So I really appreciate that Kimep gives students an opportunity to take subjects from other programs.

Mostly, people in our class are Baij students, however there are some other students from my program but they are not here today ;-( From this little research in our class I have discovered, that internet has a big influence on people. All of us, except Darkhan, use the same social network sites, like vkontakte, facebook, twitter and so on. Moreover, all of us have gmail account and write blogs on the I think that internet is so widely spread that it has connected lot of people there. Another thing that connects us is that all of us live in Almaty and study at Kimep. We also visit same places like “Coffeedelia”, “Arman”, other countries… Maybe, one day we sat together in the same row but didn’t know that we study at the same university, visit same  places…or maybe, we were in the same airplane flying to Thailand, Egypt or Turkey…

Ultimately, connections are created by people and if you want to build a connection with another person or become a part of a group, you should not wait when someone comes to you and asks to join him or her, you should do it by yourself. You shouldn’t wait when fortune gives you a chance.  Everything depends on us. We build our life, we create our own connections. John Greenleaf Whittier told that “for all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are those “it might have been”. So don’t wait the fortune and take your life in your own hands, communicate with people, build your own networks. Live your life so that you will never say “it might have been” 😉

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