Drinking Kills Driving Skills

23 Sep

Recently I heard an anecdote: “Why did you increase speed?”- asked policeman.  “I just wanted to come back home earlier than I would be under the influence of alcohol!” Most drivers don’t avoid driving after they have taken couple mugs of beer or other alcohol drinks. They hope that everything will be good, but nobody doesn’t insure against unforeseen situations.  That’s why the number of car accidents is increasing! Statistics shows that every “Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes kill someone every 3 minutes and nonfatally injure someone every two minutes” (NHTSA 2006). Drivers should know that driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous and risky not only to themselves but also to the pedestrians and passengers as well.

Firstly, people should consider what influence has alcohol on people. When people take alcohol they reduce coordination, also alcohol impairs concentration, slows reflexes. Sometime it’s very difficult to control behavior. The effects of alcohol consumption on blood alcohol levels and driving skills are different to women and to men. For instance, blood alcohol concentration equals 0.05% in female with 100 pounds weight, while in male with same weight this concentration equals 0.04% . But for safe driving it will be better not to consume alcohol both to woman and to man. However, in USA it is illegal to drive with blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% (NHTSA 2006). Nevertheless, all injuries and deaths caused by drunk driving can be preventing.

The first solution is to confiscate license. “Based upon the extensive experience of the jurisdictions that have adopted administrative license revocation, it works.  It specifically deters those drivers who are caught drinking and driving from doing it again.  And, it generally deters those who have not been caught, because they are afraid of losing their driving privileges.” –Deborah A.P. Hersman, Member of the National Transportation Safety Board. Most countries have implied this law. However, sometimes it doesn’t work, because our police are not very honest and prefer to take bribes rather than to confiscate license.

Another solution to this problem is to install in all cars alcohol ignition interlock. It’s a device which tests driver’s breath. Every time when driver sits in the car, he must blow to this device. And if the blood alcohol concentration is high, engine won’t start. Moreover, driver must make this procedure several times, because he can ask his friend to start the car or he can drink after he has started the car. These devices are up to 90% effective!  What is more, driver takes this test about 9 times per day; many countries such as Spain, Belgium, Norway, Germany, and France have adopted alcohol ignition interlocks.

In conclusion, car accidents are caused by driving car in a state of intoxication can be reduced.  It depends not only on drivers. Everyone can do much to protect himself. Even when person has taken a little dose of alcohol, he shouldn’t drive the car. Moreover, people should stop their friend who wants to drive car in a state of intoxication. Everything is in our hands, so we shouldn’t become disheartened!

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