Real vs Mail letters

15 Sep

Hello again, my dear Readers! This post I want to dedicate to people who are so far from each other that they can’t meet and go together to a cosy cafe to have a conversation but they still keep in touch with each other despite thousands kilometres between them. I guess situation like this one is common to most people in the world.

Nowadays, people widely use e-mails to keep in touch with people who are abroad. However, in the past people wrote real letters but it is not so widespread now.  The history of post goes very far to the post. Firstly post offices were established in ancient times but they were used only in military goals. Post offices like this were in Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria…The letters were delivered by special messengers and also by homing pigeons. The most developed post system was in Egypt. Later the post systems were appeared in other countries. I think that nowadays every country has its own post offices. But with the development of the internet, people began to send letters through it.

Of course, sending letters through World Wide Web is more convinient than sending letters through post offices. First advantage of e-mails is speed. Your friend will receive a letter in a few minutes even if he is on another continent. Secondly, it saves your time because you don’t need to leave your home, office and etc to send your letter. Moreover, sending letters through the internet is more dependable rather than sending it via post offices. There are lot of cases when letters get lost and never meet their receiver. What I think that people should send letters through the internet for their study, work or business. They should use e-mails for formal communication. But they should send letters to their close people through the post offices because when you write letter by your hand is more real and more alive. It’s like part of you.

Nowadays, I think that only Baby Boom Generation (people who were born after WWII) send letters via post offices. And people of Generations X and Y prefer to send letters through the internet. I am very much obliged to my fortune that I had an opportunity to write and receive real letters this year.  How has it started? If you are from Kazahkstan, you should know KBTU university. This spring a group of German students has come to KBTU and my friend from this university has acquainted me with them. I liked them very much and we have spent good time with each other. However, there was one guy whom I really liked. He was from another country, with another mentality and culture, but I had a feeling that I knew him since my birth 😉 We had the same thoughts. We could continue phrases of each other. It was amazing for me. I have never met so nice person like him. He is very unique. I had a thought that I should keep in touch with this person. I also thought that it would be interesting to communicate also through the post office, but I decided not tell this to him, because I thought that it would be a little bit silly. But as I have thought that he told me that he had an idea to communicate via post office! I was very happy and suprised 😉 So when he left, we began to write each other real letters.  I like these letters more than the internet letters because I can keep them and read when I want it to read. Moreover, I feel a soul in these letters. However, the last letter that he has sent to me was lost. But I hope that it will find the right way and one day I will receive it! I want to thank him for making my life brighter and much interesting!

Danke sehr, Korbi! 😉

PS. Thanks to Frieder for making this photo 😉

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